Is The Fastsize Extender Really a Scam ???
A Personal Fastsize Extender Review


- Blog Post By Thomas Hosley

I was just as skeptical like you when I first heard that fastsize extender could permanently increase my penis in months! At first, I thought of it as a scam! But after actually using it, I was convinced that Fastsize is NOT a scam and works perfectly as promised. In this blog, I have tried to express my real experience of using the Fastsize Extender myself. To know more, continue reading below...
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People usually say that you must be happy with whatever God has given you. But what if some defect in you hurts your wife's feelings? In that case you have to try to go against that misfortune. I am a happily married man and have a very loving and understanding wife. But I had this serious problem of a small penis. My wife never complained of it, but still I could get a silent message that she is compromising with it for the sake of our love. I didn't want compromise stand in between our love. Thus I decided that I would try hard to eliminate this compromise. And today, I feel very proud to say that I have successfully overcome this obstacle with fastsize extender !!!


Initially I searched the internet for methods to increase the length of my vital instrument. I came to learn about several methods, out of which I first tried the manual penis lengthening exercises. I was enthusiastic and practised Jelquing techniques for about a month. They were not so easy to follow and physically painful. I was not successful at it and infact I even got a sore penis. I had to rush to the doctor for treatment!


So I rejected the idea with excercises and went in for those penis enlargement creams with pills supplement. Within two weeks of using them I faced a dangerous punishment. Due to side-effects I had an allergic reaction and again had to rush to the same doctor! I was immensely embarrassed this time. My doctor then gave me a sound advise to try fastsize penis extender device. He said that many of his patients had used it & successfully lengthened their penis. I was skeptical at first, but since he was a doctor, I took his advise SERIOUSLY. I was about to go on my second honeymoon in the next 4 months. I thought to give my wife an extreme sexual pleasure in our honeymoon which she would never forget. So I bought myself an advanced package from the website.


Fastsize Extender Package3 days later, I received the fastsize extender in a white discrete parcel delivered by UPS. On opening, I found that the device looked quite smooth & strong. It had a detailed instructions manual & DVD. After watching the DVD, I began using it the very same day! Initially I felt some kind of mild discomfort but automatically got used to it in a few days. I feared that it would cause me pain, but it didn't. This device is infact very compact & dosen't cause much bulge in my genital region. So I even wear it while going to my office without getting noticed! Nowdays I have been using it DAILY without any problems.


Actually I was worried if the continuous usage of fastsize extender would compromise blood flow to my penis & cause damage! So I called customer support & talked directly with their doctors. I must say that they have got some very qualified doctors who are ready to help you at any time while using their device. They told me that their device was scientifically designed so as to maintain natural blood flow & that there was nothing much for me to be worried about! They even did a bit of medical consultation over phone & offered me a few tips to make my penis lengthening process a bit faster. It always feels secure when a doctor's supervision is readily available and that too for free!


Its been about three and half months of my usage & I must tell you that I am very happy with the results. I have already added about more than an inch to my original length! I can also appreciate a slight increase in the girth too! I strongly believe that with further use I will soon get an enlargement of another inch also...!


Speaking of today, I feel very confident and secure at bed with my wife. Now there is no more embarassment/compromise in my sex-life. Thinking of the past I feel how stupid it would had been if I hadn't followed my doctor's advise & bought fastsize extender. Purchasing this device was perhaps the most rewarding investment I ever made for my personal life(& wife's too! ).
I can really understand the agony of men with small penis, and if my story could help anybody then I will feel acknowledged. I had created this blog & shared my personal experience for the sole purpose of helping such men. If you too want to cut down the embarassment from small penis, then my sincere recommendation is to use fastsize extender as soon as possible. If Fastsize has worked for me then it will DEFINITELY work for you too! By the way, my second honeymoon this year was just fantastic and my wife feels so satisfied these days that I am really proud of my new anhood...!

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I had this trouble of a small penis since adulthood. However it is a problem of the past for me now. I tried the FastSize extender with great results and am presently boasting of approximately 4.8 inches penis than the previous 3.5 inches one! My life has changed totally and am happily living with my wife with self-confidence and a active sexual life. I am very satisfied with my results and recommend FastSize Extender to you too!

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We were hearing about various penis extender devices being sold in the market. There were so many extenders being marketed, that some sold were ought to be just penis extender scams. We thus formed our team to review penis extenders. Many were telling FastSize Extender Scam. But based on Fastsize Extender Results, we finally decided that fastSize extender is not a rip-off or scam. Actually fastsize extender does work perfectly and we do recommend it very much. For further clarification plz read our fastsize extender review above.