Latest FastSize Extender Discount Coupon Code for 2010

- Blog Post by Thomas

Before I release the fastsize extender discount coupon code, I must tell you that there are several coupon codes floating all over the internet. Some of them claim a discount of $50, $70, etc. However most of them are outdated or fake. I have tested all of the various coupon codes and none of them work except for one. I have personally contacted the sales manager of FastSize company to get the latest working discount coupon code (and I have got permission to distribute them too! ). I have also heard from an insider of this company that these discount codes will soon become expired. So hurry up and follow the instructions below to avail this discount offer while its still working!!!
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To take advantage of this discount offer, follow the steps EXACTLY as instructed below:


Step 1: To order FastSize device with discount enabled shopping cart First Click Here (opens in a new window)

Note: Make sure you click the above link before using your discount coupon (or else you may not be credited discount)


Step 2: On clicking the above link, you will be redirected to a page like below. Click the light blue "Order Online" button on this page.


On clicking, you will be forwarded to the order page for "basic package" by default. However, if you want to buy higher packages then choose the product you want to buy( basic package ,advanced package, or peyronie's package) from the menu on left side.


Step 3: Click on "ADD TO CART(BUY NOW)" button


Step 4: On the next page there is a field to enter a discount code.


Step 5: Enter the coupon code: and hit the "APPLY" button.
As per our knowledge, this is the latest and single working discount code offered. By using this code you will on any package ordered online.

Step 5: Click the "CHECKOUT NOW" button and complete the payment transaction

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