How The FastSize Extender Works?

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Human penis is made up of three tissue cylinders, two of which are known as "corpora cavernosa". During periods of excitation, such as having sex, these two cylinders get filled up with blood which causes it to engorge and thus errects the penis. The other cylinder is known as "corpora spongiosum" which is located in between the two corpora-cavernosa. It is the cylinder through which semen is being ejaculated. When you use FastSize Extender the tissue inside of the penis is stretched very slowly over an extended time period. This shallow yet effective use of traction allows for an adaptation of the penis.

The fastSize device uses traction forces to help in growth of the penile tissues. By exposing the penis to a durable and regular traction, the cells in the penis chambers begin to divide and multiply, increasing the tissue mass. This increases the blood-holding capacity of the cylinders, as a result of which an increase in penile length and girth is noticed.

When being stretched, the cells in the cylinders begin to break-down and then multiply to fill the new tissue areas being created by the traction. This causes the growth of penis in both length and thickness by a completely safe and natural means of enlargement.

This process is not painful in any manner. Since the stretch is applied over a period of time and very slightly, the penis adapts all throughout the enlarging. This identical process is being used by hundreds of doctors every day to treat burn victims and other patients that require traction to amend their problems. It works!

How FastSize increases both length and girth of your penis
The explanation for how penis increases both in length and girth may be a bit difficult to understand. While your penis is extended outward, the cell count and overall capacity of your penis is expanding. By stretching the penis in length, you can initiate growth in both length and girth due to the reaction capacity of the tissues within your penis.

This traction motivates a cellular multiplication. And because of this multiplication you will see two major changes:
At the microscopic level there can be an increase in the number of newly formed cells, which results in significant increase in tissue mass. You can also observe an additional capacity of blood flow to the penis, which results in stronger and harder erections during intimacy.
At the macroscopic level, you can observe an increase in penile length and girth in both the flaccid and erect states.

The FastSize Extender is a scientifically designed instrument and increases the penis size in a painless and natural method. Many have doubts on does fastsize extender work or not? Well, I have personally used this device and have experienced an increase in size of my penis. So i do very well know that it DOES WORK POSITIVELY and I would definitely recommend all men with small penis to get this product and enjoy a new confident life.

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I had this trouble of a small penis since adulthood. However it is a problem of the past for me now. I tried the FastSize extender with great results and am presently boasting of approximately 5 inches penis than the previous 3.2 inches one! My life has changed totally and am happily living with my wife with self-confidence and a active sexual life. I am very satisfied with my results and recommend FastSize Extender to you too!

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