About Me: Matt Gorden

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Matt GordenName: Matt Gorden
Age: 44 yrs
Occupation: professional health writer
Location: Dalton, GA, USA

About me: I was born in August 1975. I belonged to a low class farmer family. We were living in a small house and didn't have much money. However I struggled and passed the pre-med. Then I had undertaken some petty jobs which didn't satisfy mine or my family needs. Then I gave up my job and started writing health related information. One of my friends taught me how to create websites and I now also create many health related sites for my clients. I am a voluntary moderator at various reputed online community sites also! i have written two books: one on premature ejaculation and another on male enhancement topic.

Personal: As of now, I am a happily married person with a loving wife and two cute kids! And I live in a beautiful city "Dalton". My yearly income is around $30,000 and lead a very peaceful life.

Hobbies: Apart from medical research which i think has become my destiny I like to have party with friends.

Sports that I watch: football,tt,cricket,f1 races,wwf fights

Major Achievements: The most major achievement is my ability to lead a successful happy self-sufficient married life. And in my profession I have authored books like "ejaculation trainer" and "size trainer"

Specifically my "Ejaculation Trainer" book has been praised worldwide. Even a very prestigious & renowned blogger Thomas Hosley has reviewed my book.

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