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- Guest Post by Matt Gorden

Every man needs to prove his manhood someday or the other. But there are many who are unable to satisfy their partners just because of lack of confidence. Most men think that possessing a largen penis is the gateway to make a woman feel happy. Although not a necessity, but still for those men who would like to have a bigger manhood, our expert Size Trainer will review some of the burning questions related to this topic.
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Does size really matter?
Size trainer dosen't think that size really matters to most women. What does matter lies in the confidence of men. Men have the usual concept that a bigger size will make a woman feel satisfied. But according to a research, women feel happy when their partners do what women want i.e passionate love and size dosen't really matter much. So size trainer would like to advice men that you mustn't worry about your size anymore. Rather you could do better if you learn some new sex techniques ;-)

What's average penis length worldwide?
Researcg study reveals that a non-erect penis usually measures between 8.5cm and 10.5cm (3-4 inches) from tip to base. Most men have got this size, but still think that they have a smaller one than others! Don't worry guys!

But still I want to have a larger size. What should I do?
Well, then there are several options for you. But most of them are either not safe or they are not very effective!
You may try out some penis lengthening excercises such as :
Penis Stretching
Kegel Exercises
They are quite effective if practised correctly. But excercises can take a longer time to show considerable results.You can find more about them by searching on google

What about pills & patches?
Size Trainer would strongly recommend to avoid use of such things. They are scam and marketed by companies to just make money for themselves! Additionally they have serious side-effects. We condemn use of such things!

Are there any sure methods to increase length?
Yes, there are two methods which can help increase penis length safe and permanently. The most surest method is by surgery. But surgery may be very costly and reuire several weeks of bed rest. so for those who cannot undertake surgery, we would recommend using penis extender devices. They are scientifically proven to show permanent results but take around atleast months to show some considerable results.

What should I do?
Well, Size Trainer would advise you to be happy with what you have got. But if you are still very unhappy, then either go for the surgery(if you have good budget) or go in for penis extenders!

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