Live Case Study Of Using Fastsize Exetender

Dear visitor,
In this blog post, I have mentioned a day to day reporting of my experiences regarding my using the Fastsize Extender. You might have already known my story from the blog post on my homepage. Basically this post is just a detailed extension of those experiences mentioned on my homepage....

Day 1 (my first experience with the website)

Just like other days, this day too I was searching the internet to find solutions to my problem. I landed on the website from an advertisement. I read through the entire website very carefully. It was hard for me to believe at the promises made on this website. I thought it to be just another rip-off scam. And I closed the browser.

Then suddenly some thought came to my mind, and I reopened the browser. This time I didnt visit the website again, rather I searched Google for the reviews for this particular product. Astonishingly I found many positive reviews and a few negative reviews too. Despite of the negative ratings I felt that if ever I wanted to increase my penis size, then I have to try atleast something anyhow. So I again went back to and hit the order now button half-willingly. I was taken to the payment page where I had to pay off $299 with my card. I had ordered the advanced package. It was a hefty amount, but I said to myself "lets see what happens". After completing the transaction I shut down my laptop went to sleep (and waiting for some miracle to happen!!! )


Day 8 (Fastsize Extender device received)

I had used my office address for receiving the product because I didn't want my wife to notice it! So on the 8th day I received a white parcel neatly packed. None of my co-workers doubted what was within the parcel (since it had nothing written on it to protect my privacy! ). I immediately took a half-day leave and went to home. I opened the parcel and it had the instrument, spare parts(around 22 in number), some other accessories along with detailed instruction manual and DVD on how to use it. I watched out the DVD eagerly and carefully. It was very easy to understand. I immediately decided to try out the device.

But somehow the device was not properly fitting on my penis (and I felt for the first time being ripped of my $299!! ). I didn't have the patience to watch that DVD again. I then straight reached out towards my cell-phone and made a call to their customer care.

The customer care was amazingly very sober and helpful to me. They replied to each of my questions very politely and even explained the whole process of using the FastSize Extender in very simple words. I followed to what they said and got the device perfectly fit on my penis as it should be. I realized later that I had missed one of the instructions which was clearly mentioned both in the DVD and hard-copy manual due to which I was not able to get the device working. I admit it was my fault ;-)

Anyways, so this was how I started using it.


Day 9 (I actually began using it)

So I wore the device on my little penis as per the "Break In Period" program. I didnt feel much discomfort using it throughout the whole hour. There was however a slight foreign feeling (tension) on my penis which could easily be ignored after using it for a few times. I put it off after 1 hour.


Day 10 (continuation of the program)

Today I put on the device for 2 whole hours and didnt feel any tension on my penis. Probably I had adapted to the device. I took a 15 minute break in between.


Day 10-18

I had begun using this device very religiously and wore it each day as per the "Break In Period" program. Nowadays I could easily ignore the foreign material wore on my penis. Also I could go to the office with it worn on my penis because the device is made in such a way that it doesnt really put much of a bulge within my pants! (to cope up, I started wearing loose clothes so that I could accommodate the penis along with the device)


Day 19 (the second phase of its usage begins)

I was a little apprehensive by this time because I felt as if I would tear my penis with the addition of new bars. So I immediately called up the customer-care and expressed my concern. They very nicely explained that my penis during this "Break In Period" has already been adapted to handle much larger stresses. So I was convinced to what they said and started using this device according to the phase two "Fastsize Recommended Program". I wore this device with tension for 8 long hours without feeling any major discomfort. It had also increased my confidence that I could wear it long enough intermittently for a few months atleast!


Next 2 weeks following the 19th day (improving the tension on my penis)

I was surprised at how easily I could add bars to the device and stretch my penis for so long. I had added two 0.5cm bars by the second week of "Phase Two Fastsize Recommended Program"

An important finding:
It was around this time that I could see some positive results after using the device! My penis size appeared to look a little longer even after removing the device. Although this improvement was very small, I got the feeling that significant results could be achieved after some continuous usage.


One month completed...

I didnt ever notice how wearing of this device had become a regular habit of mine. I continuously kept adding a new bar every week without much uneasiness. I now started to record the length of my penis bi-weekly.


Second month completed...

I had very amazing results. The real size of my penis had increased by about 1.1 cms in total. I was very much happy with the results which encouraged me to continue using the device further.


Fourth month completed...

Using the FastSize Extender was like having my breakfast daily. It was a part of my daily routine now. I could see SIGNIFICANT increase in my penis size by around  2.7 cms! It was also around this time that my wife really told me "Your organ looks bigger and appealing! ". I was like on cloud 9 when she said those magical words! I went for my second honeymoon around this time ;-)


Present time...!

Its working like a charm for me. All through this time I didn't get into any medical problem for using this product, so its very very safe! I have already achieved my target increase length. Now my penis size is 4.8 inches long(un-erected state) I achieved a total increase of approximately 3.3 cms in 6-7 months time. Thats sufficient for me!

Now I have entered the maintenance phase and use this device only for an hour or two each day. i even skip a few days in between without much difference. So I have finally achieved my dream penis length of 5 inches permanently from the earlier 3.5 inches!


Final words…..

I have already revealed my personal story with you. I must say that if you are REALLY DETERMINED to increase penis length then don't waste valuable time in deciding about it. Get your piece of this wonderful device and enjoy the rest of your life. Just think about the self-confidence boost you would get with an increased penis length and how you could satisfy your girlfriend/wife with a successful sex life! I am sure it will be a hallmark in your lifetime as it has become for me.

And why should you worry about the price when they are giving full 100% money back guarantee on their product? If by any chance you dont see an improvement, then just return it and get all of your money back (but I don't think you will ever need to claim for a refund because it will definitely work as it has worked for me and many others). I am a live example that FastSize Extender really works and is harmless too!


Something which I didnt tell you!

Apart from using the traction device, I had also used some accessories like the post-stretch cream which was available with my advanced package. (you can also buy this cream separately with a basic fastsize package also) By using this cream I had experienced a kick in improvement easily. So if you are planning to use this product then I would also advise to use their cream too for faster and better results (but thats purely optional, it will even work without the cream too).

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What should you do next?

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About Me...
( Thomas Hosley )

I had this trouble of a small penis since adulthood. However it is a problem of the past for me now. I tried the FastSize extender with great results and am presently boasting of approximately 4.8 inches penis than the previous 3.5 inches one! My life has changed totally and am happily living with my wife with self-confidence and a active sexual life. I am very satisfied with my results and recommend FastSize Extender to you too!

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