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When you have finally decided that its time to increase your size, then you need to be very sure to use a product that you will never regret - your manhood is too valuable to put into hands of some untested product, and make sure that you use a product which others have tried before you and achieved worthwhile results with it. This blog post is compiled by my team specially dedicated to testing various penis extenders. We spent countless hours analyzing these devices from a variety of perspectives including cost, success rates, user experience, etc and put it in one simple report below to help you in getting the right and most accurate information possible on these devices.

Based on extensive research, my team is now confident enough in recommending FastSize Extender as the most cost-efficient and safest device. We arrived at this conclusion by judging various factors mentioned below.


Penis Head Attatchment methods
The FastSize Extender outstands all other devices in the manner it attatches to penis head. Currently, there are 3 methods for attatchment- silicone tubing, silicone strap, hybrid method. FastSize extender uses a silicone tubing which is comfortable, has a good grip of the penis head, and does not compromise with blood circulation . Silicone strap gives a firm grip, but it diminishes blood supply which is not good. Hybrid methods cost much higher, but my team didn't find much significant benefits over silicone tubing.


Here again Fastsize Extender surpasses other devices. FastSize Extender was found to be correctly(scientifically) designed to give as much comfort as possible while wearing it. It is so well designed that customers reported they could even wear it during office hours with loose trousers without others noticing a bulge in that pubic region. Also this device comes with several accessory comfort pads to make its usage more convinient.
Other penis extenders that we tested were either bulky or they were not that very comfortable like FastSize Extender.


Results After Usage for 3 Months
Almost all the devices that we researched were showing similar kind of enlargements. The increase in girth was also almost the same with all devices. All the devices under study brought permanent results. However with FastSize Extender, we found many customers reporting a more straighter lengthening of the penis shaft. A straighter enlargement looks more like a real natural penis than the bent ones! Also, those using FastSize Extenders reported a bit quicker results, probably since they could wear it for longer durations(more comfortable) than the other devices.


Cost Factor
The cost of various extenders varied from average $200 for basic level to $600 for the advanced versions. With most other devices, we found that their basic version was pretty crappy and only the advanced versions were worth buying(at a higher price although!). We noticed that with some products, the entry level models use outdated nooses, while they reserved better technology for their higher end products.
Again our study shows Extender from is more cost-effective than others. Although it has an advanced package, still its basic package does not leave you wanting. At the core of the system is the enlargement device and with Fastsize, the technology used in the basic package is the same used in the advanced package, so your results will not be compromised.


Customer Support and Doctor's Advice
All the companies that we researched had very good customer service. All of them provided both email and telephone support. One common thing that we noticed with some devices was that although their pre-sales support was excellent, post-sales support was not so good. Fastsize however maintained a good customer communication even after sales were done. Also FastSize allowed customers to seek trained medical support from their panel of highly qualified doctors. This was an important plus point which other companies were lacking!

Guarantee and Warantee
All the extenders that we tested had comparable guarantee offers. All of them invariably offered atleast 6 months guarantee. This means, that if you are not satisfied with your results, simply return it for a full refund. As far as the actual device, everyone warranties it for the life of the product.


According to our study, we have found all the penis extenders being able to produce permanent enlargement in both length & girth. However considering factors like comfort, technology used, cost-benefit ratio, speed of results,doctor's advice,customer reviews etc, we would rank FastSize Extender above other extenders available in the market. So our team recommends FastSize Extender to all those men who want to end all those humiliationg problems of a small penis and lead a confident life.

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I had this trouble of a small penis since adulthood. However it is a problem of the past for me now. I tried the FastSize extender with great results and am presently boasting of approximately 4.8 inches penis than the previous 3.5 inches one! My life has changed totally and am happily living with my wife with self-confidence and a active sexual life. I am very satisfied with my results and recommend FastSize Extender to you too!

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